Ready to go (not with the Dog!!)

Parents with the Bride.

The 3 Children!! with their partners -

Maria, Fernando, Consuelo, Diego, Magda and Javi who was the Master of Ceremonies & Brilliant.

Part of the Buffet were 2 cheese tables, this being one, just fantastic - OŽDŽd on cheese!!!

More of the Beautiful People....

The wedding was Themed around Flight travel as Diego is always in the air! This was the novel way to present the evening Buffet Menu!!

Traditionally the guests are given a small gift, in this case the girls got a relaxing pair of Flip Flops , they could then take a break from their High Heels!

All the staff were extremely efficient & very pleasant, thi9s young lady kept me on the straight & narrow all night with very nice non-alchaholic drinks.

All a bit much for ShelaghŽs Pins!!!

Very Nice DO, thank you for the invite..