Page of photos of our Dogs!!



August 2012 - Tragic start to the month, our beloved Chico ran out of the gate as we came home at night & was hit by a passing car and killed outright. It is so quiet here without him. Sorely missed.



Latest arrivals!! 


...and - just for a change - a small dog.   Raffas.



This is Chico who arrived on the 19th January, abandoned in nearby village he appears to be a 4 month old Belgian Shepherd & has settled in nicely with the ´twins´!!

Now look at him!!



Rex .... Rex and Pintar playing ´King of the Castle



Honey and Mac playing same game!!



This is REX, we adopted him from Barney´s dog rescue.                           This is Honey, we adopted her from a large dog sanctuary in Elda.


Rex´s first party piece, stand on table and look forlorn!!


´go on, please let me in...


OK, I´ve got reinforcements now...



See, we don´t ask for much!!



A chair each - Sorted..


Well it was too good to last!


Rex displaying them while he still has them!!!


Lap dog indeed.


No we still prefer this..


Honey, yes she does go outside.


they do love those chairs!!


Hunter, we fostered him for a week, then he found a nice home on the Costa with an Icelandic family.